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Guitar Tips 1 At some point, consider learning guitar tablature (guitar tabs). There are tons of guitar tabs out there on the net to literally tens of thousands of songs.
Guitar Tips 2 Do yourself a favor and use a capo. This will save yourself a lot of time and trouble. A guitar capo is really helpful to those singers who want to sing in a different key and the guitar capo allows a guitar player to immediately switch and play in a different chord without having to learn the whole song over again.
Guitar Tips 3 If you pay attention to hand grooming and keep your fingernails trimmed, it will allow you to play play cleaner notes on the guitar.
Guitar Tips 4 Tip on strumming: Think like a drummer when it comes to strumming the guitar. You need to have real good time. Stay steady and consistent in your strokes. You can practice this approach with a pick on a corrugated piece of cardboard. Listen to the fundamental rhythm and make sure you have that worked out perfectly on the cardboard before transferring this over to the guitar.
Guitar Tips 5 If you've ever had trouble hearing the chord of a song, listen to the bass line for assistance. Often the bass line is actually the root note of the chord. If you can hear that, you'll figure out the chord.
Guitar Tips 6 Add spice to your guitar playing with special effects. You can use special effects modules, slides and things like that.
Guitar Tips 7 Be sure you practice good form on the guitar. Don't play with it hung down around your knees. This not only doesn't help your technique but it makes you look lazy.
Guitar Tips 8 Do you change your strings frequently? You may not know this but changing your strings out is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make it sound better? Change them out way ahead of the gig so that the strings have time to stretch in real good.
Guitar Tips 9 Make sure you know all of names of the notes on the bottom two strings. This will help you be able to find pretty much any note fretboard.
Guitar Tips 10 Have you ever noticed that some guitar players look bored on stage? Find some guitarists that you look up to (especially that play your style of music) and get some ideas from them.
Guitar Tips 11 If you want to increas your speed on the guitar, practice exercises that highlight finger independence and what's referred to as "economy of motion".


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